Create an atmosphere of natural warmth in your home. It is practical with innovative heating ribbon technology. Perfect for use under ceramic tile, marble, stone, laminate, carpet and wood flooring. The easy, energy-efficient heating solution for remodeling projects, room additions, and new construction.

*Colors may vary.

Model # Dimensions Price Order
RSG 20-33-110M 20" x 3'3" $68.07
RSG 20-50-110M 20" x 5'0" $96.32
RSG 20-75-110M 20" x 7'5" $115.24
RSG 20-100-110M 20" x 10'0" $150.02
RSG 20-150-110M 20" x 15'0" $197.27
RSG 20-200-110M 20" x 20'0" $243.20
Non Programmable Thermostat with Built-in GFCI
Programmable Thermostat with built-in GFCI
  • Superb, even heat distribution throughout room
  • Flexible standard sized flat ribbon mats cover all room sizes and shapes
  • Connection-ready, each mat includes the ribbon, connectors and covering insulation and electrical cables
  • Separate controls for zones or individual rooms
  • Maintenance free Total safety-integrated shielding and grounding
  • 15-Year warranty
  • Quieter and cleaner than forced-air heat
  • Ultra-thin profile - ensures easy installation
  • Easy to follow installation manual