When we added the family room of our dreams, we wanted it all -- large windows to let in natural light, a built-in entertainment center the whole family could enjoy, and a beautiful fireplace for those cold winter weekends. We chose ceramic tile floors because they are easy to care for and added a FloorHeat electric floor heating system to add natural, even warmth throughout the room. Now it’s the favorite room in the house.

Patty C., Cincinnati, Ohio

When we had our kitchen remodeled the contractor suggested a ceramic tile floor for its easy-to-clean surface. We were delighted to learn that we could have a FloorHeat electric floor heating system installed as the tile was laid. The luxurious comfort of cozy, warm floors on a cold morning is the best part of our new kitchen.

Marcy D., Indianapolis, Indiana

When faced with the remodel of a hard-to-heat bathroom in a rental property, the contractor suggested installing a FloorHeat electric floor heating system in the tile floor. It required no structural or plumbing changes and is maintenance free. And the family that lives there loves the comfort of  a warm bathroom floor.

Tim P., Haslett, Michigan